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International Conference on “Entrepreneurship in the Regions to Strengthen EU Competitiveness”

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February 11 - February 12

Last updated on 11 May 2015, 12.33

This international conference entitled “Entrepreneurship in the Regions to Strengthen EU Competitiveness” and organised by the Employers’ Confederation of Latvia takes place in Jelgava and Cēsis on 11-12 February 2015.The aim of the conference is to promote the development of regional social dialogue for business development and the promotion of competitiveness in the regions of the EU Member States.

To achieve these aims, a wide range of topics will be covered at the Conference such as examples of best practices of regional social dialogue in the EU Member States for the purpose of regional business development promoting a sustainable and stable business environment; examples of successful regional social dialogues on reducing regional disparities with regard to the provision of financial resources for development; the emergence of new businesses and jobs; and labour force availability. The participants will also have the opportunity to learn from best practice examples and apply these in the development of the EU's Eastern border in the context of the free movement of labour within the EU.

The list of speakers includes local and international leaders in the field, the Minister for Economics, the Minister for Environmental Protection and Regional Development, representatives from DG REGIO, DG ENTR, BUSINESSEUROPE, LDDK, the Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments and the Latvian Association of Large Cities, as well as representatives from business organisations and businesspeople from regions in the EU Member States.

Additional information on the website of LDDK.

Live broadcast will be available on eu2015.lv

Programme of the conference PDF, 468.52KB
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