The Presidency and the EU


The Presidency is an opportunity and an honour, but at the same time a responsibility and a challenge for Latvia and everyone involved, including the business community, social partners, NGOs and the Latvian people. Teamwork and support is thus essential to achieve our common goals, engagement being one of the main values of the Latvian Presidency.

The Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union entails the thorough preparation of Presidency events - creating the content and planning the logistics - and the development of a public diplomacy and cultural programme in Latvia and abroad. The Latvian Presidency team expresses its gratitude to all those who are willing to support the making of this historic event - the first ever Latvian Presidency.

There will be cooperation opportunities for potential partners throughout the Presidency. For the Presidency to be successful, Latvian residents and companies alike are welcome to donate and contribute goods, services or financial resources. Partners may choose to support one particular Presidency activity or become a partner for some or all of the six-month period.

More on cooperation opportunities.

Presidency partners:

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