Culture event

Exhibition in Riga "Signs of the Latvian Soul in Clothing, Music, Songs and Dances"

Riga Art Space
Kungu iela 3, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia
Event dates
June 25 - August 23

Last updated on 26 June 2015, 12.44

The exhibition tells the story of the development of the Song and Dance Celebration tradition and of national costume as one of the forms of expressing national self-awareness. It consists of 24 groups of regional costumes. Latvian national costume not only conveys a host of information about Latvian culture, history and ethnic peculiarities, but also about its wearer’s social status, family, age and wealth, as well as the interaction of cultural ties with neighbouring nations.

As a symbol of Latvian culture, traditional national costume is inextricably linked with Latvian Song and Dance Celebrations. Throughout the centuries the main purpose of these celebrations has been the strengthening of national self-awareness.

The exhibition will also be on display at the Museum of Five Continents, Munich, from 20 May to 19 April and at the Neumünster Abbey in Luxembourg from 7 May to 7 June.